Table tennis table size is important for practising and improving your game, because you need to get used to the correct dimensions to base your shot power on. 

If you practise on a small table, your shots will be calibrated to that scale. It’s not the end of the world for training, but ideally you want to be getting used to the right size table.

That’s right… when it comes to table tennis tables – size matters!

How big is a table tennis table?

Here are the official table tennis table size and dimensions for full size tables:

  • 152.5cm (5ft) wide
  • 274cm (9ft) long
  • 76cm (2.5ft) high

    And here’s a diagram to help:

    Table tennis table size 1

    Table Tennis Net Height

    Your table tennis net should be 15.25cm (6in) high and 183cm (6ft) wide, and should extend 15.25cm (6in) on either side of the table, as per the ITTF handbook (International Table Tennis Federation).

    Here’s another diagram to show the net dimensions:

    Table tennis table size 2

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    Types of Table Tennis Tables

    There are different types of table tennis tables available in the market, and they can be categorised into three main types: indoor tables, outdoor tables, and conversion tops.


    Indoor table tennis tables are designed for indoor use and the surface is typically made of wood. They are ideal for use in homes, schools, and clubs. Indoor tables can be folded for easy storage, and they come in different price ranges and qualities.


    Outdoor table tennis tables are designed for outdoor use and are usually made of weather-resistant materials. 

    They usually have a melamine resin surface which is waterproof, and the frame is made from galvanised steel or a zinc / aluminium alloy.

    They’re ideal for use in gardens, parks, playgrounds and other public places. Outdoor tables are usually more durable than indoor tables, but they can be a bit more expensive.

    Conversion Tops

    Conversion tops are designed to convert any flat surface into a table tennis table. They are ideal for people who have limited space or who want to save money. Conversion tops are usually made of wood, and they can be placed on top of a pool table, a dining table, or any other flat surface.

    One issue with them is that they’re not usually at the correct height for a table tennis table, but it’s not such an issue for casual play.

    Other Considerations When Choosing a Table Tennis Table

    When choosing a table tennis table, there are other factors to consider besides the size and type of table. The more important ones are the surface thickness, frame thickness, and mobility.

    Surface Thickness

    The thickness of your table tennis table surface affects the bounce and speed of the ball. 

    A thicker surface provides a more consistent bounce and faster play. 

    Most standard table tennis tables have a surface thickness of 16mm and above, while professional tables have a thickness of 25mm.

    You’ll find some table tennis tables online with a thickness of 12mm or even lower – I generally don’t recommend these as the quality of play isn’t great. Go for 16mm or above.

    Frame Thickness

    The frame of a table tennis table provides support for the playing surface and affects the stability of the table. 

    A thicker frame provides more stability and durability. 

    Most standard table tennis tables have a frame thickness of 20mm or 25mm, while professional tables often have a thickness of 40mm or more.

    Outside tables tend to have thicker frames to improve durability.


    Mobility and portability is important if you plan to move your table tennis table around a lot.

    Most tables come with wheels, making them easy to move and store, but others are designed to be stationary and can be more difficult to move.

    Most tables are also foldable, meaning they can be tucked away for convenient storage.

    Some tables allow you to fold them without having to remove the net – which is a nice practical perk!


    How much space do I need for a table tennis table?

    You generally need at least 5 metres (16.5ft) of length and 3 metres (9.8ft) of width to accommodate a standard table tennis table making sure you have enough room to play.

    Can I use an outdoor table tennis table indoors?

    Yes, you can use an outdoor table tennis table indoors, but it may not provide quite the same playing quality as an indoor table.

    If you’re only going to use your table indoors, get a specific indoor table.

    How much does a table tennis table cost?

    The price of a table tennis table can vary depending on the type, quality, and features. A basic indoor table can cost around £300, while a high quality table can cost over £1,000.

    What’s the difference between a 12mm and 15mm table tennis table?

    A 15mm table tennis table is thicker so it provides a more consistent bounce and faster play than a 12mm table. I generally recommend table tennis tables with a thickness of 16mm and up for the best quality of play.

    Do I need a professional table tennis table to play competitively?

    No, you can play competitively on any type of table tennis table, as long as it meets the standard size requirements detailed above.