About Me

About Me

Sam Hodgson - Table Tennis Guru

I’m Sam, a table tennis addict and expert. I’ve been playing table tennis since I was old enough to hold a bat, and I love helping and coaching people with their game.

I’m also a professional writer, and I’m passionate about writing well structured, information packed guides that genuinely help people.


I created Table Tennis Guide to help people on their journey to improving their table tennis game, and have some fun while doing it!

I take great pride in writing helpful guides and information that’s easy to understand and learn from. Even a subject as simple as table tennis can get complicated and confusing at times (just try comparing table tennis rubbers!).

I also simply love table tennis.

The rhythmic satisfaction of topspin after topspin curling over the net. 

Watching a spin shot swerve and then ping off the table in the complete opposite direction.

And driving my friends crazy with defensive spin after spin that they just can’t figure out how to return.

Table tennis is a brilliant sport that doesn’t get enough attention in my opinion. It’s social, great for mental and physical exercise, and loads of fun. 

And it can be enjoyed by anybody, no matter their skill level. 

It’s also been a part of my life since childhood. My Granddad taught me the basics (he had a vicious, but definitely illegal serve), and my Dad taught me the art of driving an opponent crazy with non-stop slices. 

I played in school with my best friends, and continue to play today with new ones. 

So, the purpose of Table Tennis Guide is to share my knowledge and make it easy for beginners to get into the sport, start developing their skills, find a community to engage with, and, most importantly – have fun!